Loop Design

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Loop design is determined by the heating and cooling loads of the building, the duration of occupancy, the bin weather data of the area, and the soil and geological characteristics.  Generally, there are three types ground loops:

  • Vertical - Requires the least amount surface area for installation.  
  • Horizontal - Requires horizontal trenching and requires the greatest surface area for installation.
  • Pond or lake - Requires a pond or lake that is at least 8-12 feet deep and that is large enough to handle the loads of the building.

For an overview of loops, go to About Loops.

For commercial buildings, we perform thermal conductivity tests to accurately design the ground loop based on exact measurements of thermal transfer between the ground loop and the earth.  There are two reasons - commercial buildings have characteristics that make it necessary to optimize the loop design to maximize performance and reduce installation costs.  The tests help us select thermal enhanced grouts that are most appropriate for a particular site.