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Earth Energy Systems Inc. has designed and installed many commercial geoexchange systems in the past several years and has a number of commercial projects underway.  This web site features three commercial projects of various types and sizes:

  • Big Rock Ranch - the largest geoexchange system west of the Rockies
  • Calpine Visitor Center - a 10,000 square foot visitor center with audio visual displays and conference rooms
  • Silver Rose Winery - a winery and restaurant facility which uses geoexchange to heat and cool the building as well as chill the fermentation tanks for the winemaking process

Geoexchange Fact Sheet for Commercial Projects*

There are many advantages in using a geoexchange system for a commercial building:

  • Geoexchange systems have a lower life-cycle cost than conventional systems, even in hot and humid regions where the demand for air-conditioning is high. 
  • Energy costs with geoexchange typically are 25 to 50 percent less than other HVAC systems.
  • Surveys by utilities indicate a higher level of consumer satisfaction for geoexchange heat pumps than for conventional systems. Polls show that more than 95% of all geoexchange customers would recommend geoexchange to a family member or friend.  
  • Geoexchange offers design flexibility because the roof and landscape are free of chillers, air handlers and other outdoor equipment. 
  • Boiler rooms can be eliminated and the size of mechanical rooms can be reduced. 
  • The elimination of outdoor or rooftop equipment means the geoexchange system is not exposed to temperature extremes, dirt, pollution or vandalism. 
  • Geoexchange systems do not require a flue or chimney. There is less risk of fire, and no chance at all of carbon monoxide spilling back into the building because geoexchange involves no on-site combustion. 
  • Geoexchange can reduce energy consumption--and corresponding emissions--by over 40% compared to air source heat pumps, and by over 70% compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment, according to the EPA. Combining geoexchange with other energy-efficient measures, such as window or insulation upgrades, generates additional savings 
  • Installing just 400,000 geoexchange systems each year could reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by over 1 million metric tons of carbon annually.  This reduction in carbon emissions is equivalent to converting over half a million cars to zero-emission vehicles, or planting over a million acres of trees.
  • Sales of geoexchange systems over the past five years have grown an average of over 22 percent per year, with a 33% growth in 1999 (latest year for which data is available). 

* Courtesy of IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association)