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Geoexchange Systems Offer Numerous Benefits

There are many advantages to geoexchange heating and cooling systems over conventional HVAC systems, many of which are listed below.  See for information about how geoexchange systems compare with other types of systems.

  • One machine—Heating, cooling, and hot water are provided in one unit.

  • Low maintenance—Geoexchange systems have fewer moving parts than conventional systems.

  • Safe—Geoexchange systems have no open flames.

  • Clean—Geoexchange water source heat pump access panels are well constructed and tightly sealed and no combustion air is required.

  • Dependable—Geoexchange systems use proven solid state electronic controls.

  • Long lasting—A geoexchange water source heat pump will last up to 30 years when properly installed.

  • The geoexchange compressor operates under less stress than a conventional system which has to work harder to compensate for variable outside temperatures.

  • Each machine is sealed and run-tested at the factory, where a conventional system uses multiple components which must be put together at the job site.

  • No gas combustion which over time causes rust and corrosion of furnace components.

  • Lower cost of operation—Geoexchange systems are more efficient than fossil fuel or electric heating and cooling systems.

  • No gas piping—Geoexchange systems do not use natural gas.

  • No exhaust venting—Geoexchange systems have no combustion air or venting requirements.

  • Use existing ductwork—In most cases, can use ductwork already in your home.

  • Better extended warranties—Manufacturers are confident that their geoexchange water source heat pumps are longer lasting and more reliable than conventional equipment and thus offer longer warranties.

  • Environmentally friendly—Geoexchange systems:

  • require a smaller amount of refrigerant than a conventional system.
  • are non-polluting and have no exhaust emissions
  • are more efficient; they use less power than conventional systems.
  • generate no outdoor noise unlike conventional air conditioners and heat pumps.

Consider Geoexchange When...

  • Your power sources are limited to propane or electricity.
  • Outdoor noise is a concern.
  • You want to minimize your impact on the environment.
  • Your monthly utility bills are astronomical due to high electric costs.
  • You want a return on your investment.
  • You want constant, even temperatures throughout your home.
  • You plan to stay in your home for more than five years.
  • You want to minimize your heating and air conditioning maintenance requirements and costs.
  • You use propane and safety is a concern.
  • You don’t want an ugly propane tank on your property.