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More About Loops

There are several types of loops that can be used depending on soil conditions, how much space is available, and if a pond is available. When properly designed and installed, all loops are equally efficient.

Loops fit into two basic categories:  ground loops and pond loops.

  • Ground loops are buried in the earth and can be installed in the ground horizontally or vertically. Horizontal loop types include 4-pipe, 6-pipe, and horizontal slinky. Vertical loops include 2-pipe and vertical slinky. In both cases, the number of pipes and their length is determined by the heating and cooling requirements of the building. Slinky loops are coils instead of straight pipe and are advantageous in very moist soil conditions.

           horzloop.GIF (69217 bytes)                 Vertloop.GIF (74521 bytes)    

  • Pond loops are a series of coiled pipes which are submersed in the water. Pond loops typically cost less to install than ground loops.  A sufficient volume of water is required for a geoexchange application and varies depending on the specific project.

            Pondloop.GIF (72741 bytes)

See Loop Design for information about loop design and installation.